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Friday, February 6, 2009

Only limited within my own mind....

Per Sir's request... I am to make a list of things I would like to try...
I truly think my biggest limits are within my own mind....
List of things I would like to try... (listed in random order.)

1. Ice play of some sort.
2. candle wax
3. different bondage positions.
4. photography
5. experiment with Anal play.. butt plugs or anal beads.
6. sensory deprivation.
7. gags.. especially the ball gag.. (I think anything can be achieved with practice.)
8. agressive play.. to be taken with force.. such as rape scene.
9.ritualist things.. such as being required to do certain things...in a certain way to please.
10. begging.
11. extended bondage
12. extended penetration.
13. clothes pins
14. direct orders to perform. (ie.. "play with my balls"... "play with your tits" or "masterbate for my pleasure." "being made to tell you exactly what I need in a verbal format.. not just with body language."
15. Learn to do prostate massage
16. experiment with all kinds of toys.. both his and hers... type.
17. someday attend a munch.
18. Learn to enjoy role playing.
19. experiment with spreader bar.
20. suprises of any kind.

I am sure this list will grow as I begin to know myself even better.

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