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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am who... who I am....

Sir has asked me to think of ways in which I wish to serve him outside of the bedroom. I have thought about this assignment to the point... I wasn’t sure it was within me to accomplish...
Then.. being true to myself... I did what I always do...I read about the lifestyle of the true submissive. Then I did the second thing I always do when I am tackling a problem, or situation...
I took one step back to look at the bigger picture...

I am who I am... I am where I should be... I am indeed service oriented and submissive outside the bedroom. The realization began......
–with a kit kat and cherry mash on the dresser.
_Pepsi in the fridge.
When I serve Sir in any way... it pleases me. I have to this point found no greater reward in my current relationship than knowing I have pleased him.

If serving someone is indeed a relationship of the 50's.... and I am merely wanting to be June Cleaver.. Then that is my role. She anticipated his needs. She took care of the home in such a way to please the "Master" in her life. Do I think June Cleaver had a personality of her own? Yes. Do I think she was an intelligent woman? Yes.

At this point in my teachings... if I were asked what I thought the most important qualities of a good submissive are:
_Giving without reservation.
_Obeying his direction.
_Anticipating his needs.
_Supporting his dreams
_Taking pride in that these characteristics are who you are.
So in the end my service and submission outside the bedroom is limited only by the ways in which Sir wants to teach me to please him.

"True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.Henry Miller...

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